Betting on Deflation May Be a Huge Mistake. Here’s Why…

Precious metals investors heading into 2016 worry the dollar will continue marching ahead, right over the top of gold and [...]

On cloud nine trillion

  On cloud nine trillion Our Asia economics editor takes his leave, less worried than many of his peers about [...]

Interactive Chart: Long-Term Commodity Performance Comparison

Link: 38 Year Performance History on Various Commodities From NIA site. The long-term performance of precious metals, agricultural commodities, oil, copper, [...]

Why Unemployment Rates Matter to Your Retirement

My biological clock is ticking—as is yours and everyone else’s. With each passing day, you are either moving closer to [...]

The Madness Of Abenomics In One (Crazy) Chart

There are two areas where Abenomics, the democratically elected economic religion of Japan, has succeeded: creating inflation without causing wages [...]

6 savings accounts that beat stocks

In these countries, a simple bank account can earn you upwards of 10 percent interest — way better than US [...]

Porsche 911s at 39% Off Sparks Argentina Sales Crackdown

Porsche 911s at 39% Off Sparks Argentina Sales Crackdown By Camila Russo - Nov 13, 2013 By exploiting Argentina’s illegal currency market, buyers [...]

So Where’s the Hyperinflation Already?

  Doug French , Laissez Faire Club The Federal Reserve has grown the monetary base from $827 billion to $3.1 trillion [...]

How Venezuelan Used ‘Scrape’ to Make Six Times Her Salary

Venezuela’s currency controls are turning trips abroad into profitable junkets. A 27-year-old trade analyst from Caracas said she earned six [...]

Jeff Gundlach Singles Out The Emerging Market Country Most Vulnerable To A Crisis

By Sam Ro, Business Insider, Jeff Gundlach of DoubleLine Funds just wrapped up his latest public webcast. He reiterated his [...]

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