Oxstones Food for Thought – July 2015 – How to Invest in America’s Economic Revival

By Liu-Yue (Louie) Lam, Global Investment Strategist, Oxstones Investment Club Warren Buffett wrote in his annual report – “Though we […]

Why Millionaires See Real Estate as the Top Alternative-Asset Class to Own this year?

Many investors often tire or get bored of trading conventional stocks and bonds, many don’t realize that there is a […]

Private real estate assets reach all-time high of USD740bn

From HedgeWeek, By Preqin, Global assets under management* of the private real estate industry have reached USD742bn, an all-time high […]

Real-Estate Crowdfunding Finds Its Footing

By Andrew Blackman, WSJ, Sites Offer Small Shares in Commercial Properties Before last year, Ed Medley had never invested in […]

Structured finance

Structured finance is a broad term used to describe a sector of finance that was created to help transfer risk […]

Commercial Real Estate: Looking for still more upside

Business Times by J.K. Dineen, San Francisco cued for even higher office rents Vacancies have reached the single digits in […]

China’s Government Jumps into Global Real Estate Investment with Blackstone

By Michael Cole,  from mingtiandi Real Estate, According to reports in the Wall Street Journal and the official China Daily, […]

The Next Real Estate Bubble: Rentals

By Ethan Roberts, InvestorPlace, Ah, the life of a Realtor! It’s 94 degrees on a sunny day in North Florida, […]

The Warehouse: Beauty and Solemnity

By Jeffrey Tucker, Primus inter pares, Laissez Faire Club, The great recession continues in so many ways but online commerce […]

Federal government unloads real estate

By Charles Riley,  CNNMoney.com The federal government, the nation’s top property owner, said Thursday that it is on track to […]

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