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This is a current commodities list of agricultural commodities and energy commodities where we have bulk supply and are currently looking for buyers. We are sellers of each of these.  If you have an extensive global network and have commodity buyers for the commodities listed below please get in contact. We would like to hear from you.

The commission spreads are attractive and last for the term of the contract.



We have suppliers of millions of MTs of ICUMSA 45. Sugar shipped from port of Santos, Brazil. (Pricing below)


Always in demand in Europe and Asia, large quantities available for annual production runs and/or spot
(Pricing below)


Our Columbian Thermal coal is available in quantity. Up to 800,000MTs/month The price ( See below).
(See above specs. Pricing below.)

Our diesel supply sold out of Rotterdam has received the necessary Certificates of Analysis and approved by the EU for sales into the EU. One if not the only diesel to attain these certificates for sale. The diesel is very low sulfur and high quality. With the dislocations of supply in the EU and summer driving season approaching this may be of immediate interest. (See above specs and pricing below.)

Please advise of interest in these commodities.

  1. Sugar: 
    Type:  ICUMSA 45
    Port of Loading: Santos, Brazil
    Amounts: 300,000 MTs per annum (25,000 MTs/mos.) up to 600,000MTs +per annum (50,000 MTs/mos.) monthly shipping schedule
    Shipping: CIF or FOB
    Price: Indicative price of $365.00/MT subject to final quantity and price in FCO.
    Documents: FCO issued by seller for countersign. RWA and ICPO issued. SPA issued and LC follows 5 days after signing of SPA.
    Inspections: Standard SGS etc.
    Letter of Credit: Top Tier Banks
    Other: Standard terms and Performance bond etc.
  1. Soybeans:
    Type: non-GMO Grade A or GMO
    Form: Solid
    Quality: Human consumption per spec sheets
    Product Origin: Brazil
    Amounts: 100,000 MTs to 300,000MTs per month under one year contract
    Price: Indicative levels: GMO soybeans $580.0/MT 
                                              Non-GMO soybeans $595.00/MT 
     above subject to final quantity and pricing in FCO
    Contract Period: One year contract with auto renewals optional
    Shipping: CIF or FOB
    Payments: Letter of Credit, top tier banks,  against proper shipping and inspection documents SGS etc.
  1. Coal:
    Thermal Coal Type B (specs attached) 
    Amount: 300,000MTs per month Max capacity 800,000 MTs/month
    Contract term: One year 
    Shipping : FOB Colombia 
    Specs: See attached above
    Packaging: Bulk 
    Delivery time: 30 days approximately 
    Price: Indicative price of $196.00/MT subject to final quantity and price in FCO
    Other: Same as above 
  1. Diesel Oil: 
    Port: Sold out of Rotterdam
    Price: Indicative price $000/ton (NA) subject to final quantity and price in FCO
    Brokers: none, therefore low price
    Minimum Order Quantity: 50,000 tons/month under one year contract
    Specs: see attached above attachment and 
                of note the diesel has received the Certificates of Analysis for use in the EU. High quality 
                and low sulfur 
                Believe only diesel to be imported into the EU
  1. Rapeseed Oil:
    Amount: 25,000 MTs per month
    Contract term: One Year
    Shipping: CIF or FOB
    Other: same as above
  1. Rapeseed:
    Amount: 60,000MTs per month
    Contract term: One year
    Shipping : CIF or FOB
    Other: Same as above

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