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We have a reputable institutional gold buyer looking to accumulate 500 metric tons of hallmarked gold bullions over a one-year to one-and-a-half-year period. With an initial 25 tons as a first trial and an accumulation of up to 500 tons over the next 12 – 18 months.  This equates to roughly 25-50 tons per month and around $2B per month and $24B per year.

Requirements: Seller would have to initially provide the location of the hallmarked gold bullions for sale, quantity available for sale, procedures (most likely Swiss or LBMA), and pricing.  Pricing will be negotiated between the buying and selling bullion officers.  Buyer is looking for a gross 10%-12% discount to market.

We prefer direct access but if you’re an intermediary and also have access within your global network to large size gold bullion supplies or a seller’s mandate please get in contact. We would like to hear from you.

Please see below the commodity specifications and the procedures in order to execute the deal.  Thank you!

Acceptable Gold Specifications

24 Karat Swiss Gold (Swiss hallmark), Secondhand Precious Metal, LBMA Good Delivery Bars (GDB)

Quantity: First Trial and Total

Current Location of Gold: (…) Bank Repository: Bank Vault

Gold Origin

Purity: Purity Over 99% to 999.9 Parts Per 1,000 or better

Gold Spike (production date (..) and every five years the bank does maintenance, the last maintenance was in (..)

Size: Bar Size One Kilogram (1KG) and / or 12.5 Kilogram Bars (12.5 KG)

Hallmark: Internationally Accepted Hallmark (Less than 5 Years)

Discount: The price will be based on the daily London Spot Price shown on the final assay report with a negotiated 10% Gross discount 7% NET discount to Buyer.

Fees: 1.5% Seller Side and 1.5% Buyer Side

Assaying Amount of gold for sale (..) with R&E that is under BANK CONTROL, under FULL BANK RESPONSIBILITY, with hallmarks valid for at least six months.

Type of Payment: Wire Transfer to Seller’s Bank

Currency: Equivalent AUD / USD / EURO

Deal Procedures and Conditions

Buyer issues Letter of Intent (“LOI”) for the above-mentioned gold

Seller Mandate is (…….)

LOI to be addressed to (……)

Seller and buyer sign contracts in order to schedule appointment at the Sellers bank

Table top meeting to be held at Sellers bank.  Traveling to (…)  to meet with the bank to review all papers, documents, and certificates related to the commodity (GOLD) and signing the Purchase Contract in the bank according to the procedures followed.)

Seller will SKR at table top meeting post POF done bank officer to bank officer

The Buyer is obligated to provide (”POF”) Proof of Funds and financial ability against the quantity to be purchased to be verified (Due Diligence) seller bank according to the above-mentioned specification.

WHEREAS, the Buyer confirms with full corporate authority and legal responsibility that the Buyer is Ready, Willing, and Able (‘RWA’) to purchase the LBMA Good Delivery Bars (which will be newly certified / newly assayed) in the Currency of the European Union (EUR) or USD which are good, clean, clear, authenticated as genuine, unencumbered, and from non-criminal origin for the delivery of this Commodity to the refinery or secured warehouse location nominated by the Buyer and approved by the Seller.

The Seller / gold owner will provide FCO-Full Cooperate Offer including the exact deal procedure

WHEREAS, the Seller has the full authority and legal right to export this off-market secondhand Precious Metal (SPM) for sale as LBMA Good Delivery Bars and to enter into a Purchase and Sell Agreement (PSA).

After receiving bank approval, all parties need to sign the Non-Competing Non-Disclosure Agreement (NCNDA) and Irrevocable Master Fee Protection Agreement (IMFPA) between the buyer and financial company which is the mandate and responsible for completing the deal

Gold verified

Buyer pays seller

Ownership transferred – Title of ownership of the commodity will be transferred to the Buyer upon confirmation by the Seller’s bank of clean and clear full payment by the Buyer to the Seller.

Transaction complete

Part of Due Diligence

Buyer would receive a copy of the following documents related to the commodity from the Seller:

  • No liquidation or debts on the gold
  • The bank’s right to export gold outside current location of gold held
  • The age and last date of weighing the gold
  • Hallmark gold issuance certificate – Internationally Recognized Acceptable Refiner’s stamp
  • Gold weights and purity
  • Final export certificate
  • An international certificate stating that the gold is free from criminal possession
  • Transfer the final ownership of gold

Price Settlement and Payment

The price will be based on the daily London Spot Price shown on the assay report with a negotiated NET discount to the Buyer.  Settlement of the payment will be based on the delivery quantity and assay report.  Cash ledger transfer payment for each delivered shipment’s price is to be in United States Dollars / Euro to the Seller’s Bank Account.  Alternatively, Price can be based on the 2nd London fix on the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) for London Good Delivery Bars on the date of Final Assay acceptance by the Buyer.

After payment is received by the Seller, the Seller shall transfer all “Original Documents” and ownership of the Gold to the Buyer.

  1. Commercial Invoice SKR
  2. Certificate of Origin
  3. Assay Report (Certificate of Purity)
  4. Certificate of Ownership
  5. Export Certificate
  6. Packing List
  7. Certificate of Movement: Declaration that the product is free and clear and of non-criminal origin, unencumbered and free of any Liens, transferrable and exportable


Parties shall hereto agree that the entire amount of (…) Gold SELLER BANK TRANSPORTS THE QUANTITY OF GOLD TO THE BUYER BANK, after the buyer will pay in full (…)

Cost, Insurance, and Freight will be paid by the Seller, along with (where applicable) import taxes, and transport and delivery costs.

Example – The commodity will be delivered on a CIF basis to the Free Trade Zone, Zurich International airport, Switzerland. Onward delivery can be arranged to the Buyer nominated and mutually agreed secure delivery facility.


The Seller and Buyer shall be responsible for their own income taxes.   Negotiable – Either Buyer is responsible for assaying cost if they want to have the gold re-assayed or Seller will pay for the Final Assay to be conducted by the Buyer’s nominated and mutually agreed assayer.  


The Parties hereto shall agree to maintain and keep confidential all information pertaining to the identity of the Buyers, Sellers Facilitators, Agents and Intermediaries, Agencies or Individuals, with whom negotiations or contracts have been negotiated or entered into. 

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