Key to successful property investment – Know where to spend

Investment in property is one of the most lucrative investments that individuals and corporate can opt for. The returns one […]

CML Subdued Over Outlook for UK Home Buying Activity in 2017

The Council of Mortgage Lenders (CML) publishes its year-ahead outlook each December. The report for 2017 is among the most […]

Don’t let your house sale go stale

Have you heard of the doughnut theory? It’s one to keep top of mind when picking a knowledgeable local estate […]

Essential guide for successful property investment

Property investment is the purchase or building of a real estate with the intention of gaining a return on investment […]

The next 5 things you should do for property investment success

Property investment has seen an explosion in recent years. It is almost certain that you will know someone who owns […]

Mistakes That Should be Avoided While Investing in a Property

Buying a home is a difficult task. It needs lot of homework to get hold of the desired property. In […]

Rental property can be a good investment in 2014 – is that true?

The real estate market has been rebounding in recent years, and investors are eyeing it again, though with some caution. […]

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