Important Reminder Before Distributing Brochures for Business Promotion


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Brochures are still effective as advertising tools for your business. The good thing about brochures over flyers is that they contain more words and images. You can discuss in detail what you want to convey to your target audience. Flyers on the other hand are limited. You need to use simple text and small graphics. Brochures may also be more than just one page.

This is an effective tool, especially to inform those who wish to know more about your business. It is like printing your website for your target audience to read. Instead of browsing the web, the information they need can be found on that piece of paper. For instance, if you are selling beauty products, people reading the brochure will know about the ingredients used in the product and their effects. You may even write something about the history of your business.

Once you have finalized the brochure content, you can find the best printing companies to help you out. In no time, these materials will be ready for distribution. Before you decide to distribute these brochures, there are a few things that you have to consider.

Target audience

You don’t want to just keep giving out brochures to people who may not have any interest in your product. If you are selling baby products, you need to hand them out to mums or grandmothers. They are the ones who will most likely buy the products. If you are selling food, then anyone is basically a target. You have to understand your target audience to avoid wasting your brochures.


You should also know where to distribute the brochures. Malls are a classic place for distributing these marketing tools. There are a lot of people inside the mall. Parks, restaurants and churches are also crowded areas. You may also have exhibition stands where you talk about your products in detail to those who are interested.

Number of brochures

When looking for brochure printing companies, you might want to save money since you are running a business. Therefore, you might think of printing a limited number of brochures only. You need to understand that printing services are cheaper when you print in bulk. For instance, the price of 1,000 copies is just 50 pounds cheaper than the price of 1,500 copies. Given this great deal, you better take it. This is the same for flyer printing or other services for that matter. You need to make a wise financial decision.

Once you have carefully planned out what to do with your brochure and how to give it out, then you can expect great results for your business in no time.

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