Romanian wine producers are turning their eyes to the market in China as they believe there will be one of the most profitable businesses there for them in the next three years.

Farmers in Romania’s viticulture, one of the most important components of the country’s agriculture, are considering the China market as the biggest one in Asia, and much more profitable than their traditional European markets.

Romanian wine producers have made their first step toward the China market, introducing their products at a wine fair in China in 2009. The presence was a success and soon followed by the first deliveries of Romanian wine into China.

Marketing studies on the China market by some top Romanian wine producers turned out to be more than optimistic — a potential of some 91 million liters, or 121.4 million bottles there.

Four of the biggest wine producers in Romania believed that in the next three years, despite the worldwide economic crisis, Romania’s wine exports to China could turn into an important business, or the most important business in Romania’s agriculture.

To achieve this goal, the most important step will be the construction of a specialized wine loading terminal in Romania’s Galati harbor.

Some Romanian wine exporters and Chinese investors are beginning to build large depots exclusively for wine storage, large volume loading terminals and other facilities in Galati harbor.

The investment are estimated at 50 million euros (70 million U.S. dollars), with the focus on the export of wines produced in Romania’s eastern vineyards like Panciu, Cotnari, Dealul Bujorului or Nicoresti.

Last month, Romania’s famous Tohani wine producer announced its development plans, including the completion by 2012 of a wine factory in China.

On Oct. 22, Chinese Ambassador to Romania Liu Zengwen was invited to cut the ribbon for the opening of the International Wine Festival “Bacchus 2010,” which was held in Romania’s eastern county of Vrancea, a region with the largest grape cultivated area and the highest production in the country.

Romania is one of the world’s major wine producers and has a total of eight major domestic wine producing regions, 37 vineyards and 171 viticulture centers. The main export markets for Romanian wines are Canada, China, the European Union, Russia and the United States.

Romania’s wine industry reaps over 270 million euros (375 million U.S.dollars) a year, which has placed the country among the major wine producing countries in the world.


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