September 2015

5 Ways to Protect Yourself in a Bear Market

Don’t be the fish Disney (DIS) is down 19% in the last two and a half weeks. Just in the […]

Helping Clients Monetize Privately Owned Businesses

By Lauren Foster  Starting a private business could put you on the path to untold riches. But it could also land […]

Fundamentals and Policy Keep RMB Afloat

by Hayden Briscoe of AllianceBernstein Even before the recent correction in China’s A-Shares market, a number of investors had expressed […]

China’s capital flight explained | FT World

From YouTube FT World, Record capital outflows from China – consumers and investors may be losing confidence in Chinese government […]

New Tech Gets Into Media Business, Crushing Old Media

Google Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOGL) has started a new citizen journalism enterprise that will help undereducated writers to do a better […]

On Market Corrections, and Keeping a Calm Head

By Mark Mobius, Mobius Blog Templeton, The global markets have experienced a late summer swoon, blamed on factors including concerns […]

Two-week traveller: choose your Central Asia adventure

By Stephen Lioy, Lonely Planet, Once the realm of Silk Road merchants and Great Game spies, the Heavenly Mountains and […]

A.I. and the Future for Humanity |

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Warren Buffett Interview 2015: How I Look At Life and Business

Please see interview at this link:

Why it’s time to Uberize air travel

Airbnb changed the hotel industry. Uber changed ground transportation. So why can’t the same change happen for air travel? Airlines […]