The Astounding Future Growth of the Mobile Internet (Video of Mary Meeker, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley)


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Adam Siemiginowski started blogs with a background in Information Systems and Finance, graduating from Fairfield University’s Dolan School of Business. His broad experience with tech/media startups allows him to see the big picture, forecasting trends before the market realizes them.

Mary Meeker, Managing Director at Morgan Stanley, goes through a whirlwind 30 minute presentation about the future of the Mobile Internet. Must see if you work with Mobile devices.

Key Points:

– The mobile internet will approach 10 billion devices.

– Total iTouch users is almost on par with iPhone users.

– Mobile is ramping faster than the desktop internet… and will be faster than most people think.

– 5 Huge Trends are converging: 3G, Social Networking, Video, VoIP, & Impressive Mobile Devices

– Apple is leading in mobile innovation, for now. The depth of app ecosystems, user experience, and pricing will determine long-term winner.

– Game-Changing communication / commerce platforms are emerging rapidly. (Social Network & Location-Free)

– Massive Data Growth is driving carrier / equipment transitions.

– Growth / Monetization roadmaps can be pulled from Japan’s Mobile Internet and the Desktop Internet.

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