Gold’s Artificial Price Lows

By: Zeal_LLC Gold’s latest slide to new secular lows has amplified the hyper-bearish sentiment long plaguing it.  More than ever, traders […]

Hedge Fund Alpha is Negative; Down Around 1700 BPs in 11 Years

Adam Parker of Morgan Stanley is out with a new report on the S&P 500. He notes that hedge fund […]

Vanguard: Fundamentals Useless for Predicting Stock Returns

Fundamentals — corporate earnings, profit margins and gross domestic productFundamentals (GDP) growth — are supposed to be the ultimate guide […]

How to Short Like David Einhorn

By Chris Stuart It’s such a simple approach, yet sometimes simple screens can lead to the most profitable ideas. Here […]

Patience: The Hard Part Of Value Investing

From valuewalk, by Adib Motiwala (@adibmoti), founder and President ofMotiwala Capital.  I came across an excellent value investing related website from a […]

You Are Not as Dumb as You Think

by Vitaliy Katsenelson, Contrarian Edge, I was going to write something smart and pithy about this recent market decline, but […]

How to make a winning long-term stock pick

From the Globe and Mail, Canada, Chris Seabury, Many investors are confused when it comes to the stock market; they […]