You would like to study? Only the thought of financing the study is still difficult in your stomach. After all studying is expensive especially in abroad or for higher degrees. Most students therefore finance their student’s loan through or with the help of parents. But what if the parents are unable to do so? Alternatively, students can apply to credit institutions and educational funds and apply for a student loan

Student Loan: What Does the Study Cost?

Rent for a shared flat or dorm room, books and study materials, excursion trips, projects and fees of the university has to be paid. Going out and spontaneously having a coffee with friends should be just as well. Now it’s time to calculate.

Student loans

These are loans offered by both government and private banks. Unlike a standard loan, monthly installments are paid instead of a one-off payment. With a student loan it is possible to finance your studies from the beginning. While only half of student loans have to be repaid a student loan repays the entire amount borrowed plus interest.


Unlike the student loan, the support is not dependent on the income of the parents hence no collateral is required.Lending is independent of the field of study.Before you take out a loan you should also compare possible providers exactly. Just because company X is the most popular provider it does not have to provide the right loan for you. Often the student loans differ in small but possibly relevant details.

Financial requirements

Think about what you need at least monthly. Depending on this, certain models or vendors are already out of action. You may have to work despite financial support because the subsidy is too low. Your calculations should also include the place of study, possible fees for university changes, expensive work materials or study abroad.


Start planning in good time. It takes a while for the loan to be approved. Submit the application at least three months before the start of the semester so that you can access the money at the start of the semester.


Especially if you do not have much experience in financial matters yet it is helpful to consult your parents or an independent counseling center. The latter offers free advice on student finance and can help compare different offers.

Conclusion: Deals

Get different offers and compare them with each other. The different student loans are tailored to different students depending on their age, a possible study abroad and the like. Sort out offers that you do not meet or that do not suit your needs. This may include student loans from regional providers which are aimed exclusively at students from the respective environment.


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