Diversity leads to profit: Polish business telecoms segment


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Polish telecommunications providers are engaged in stiff competition for corporate clients and higher revenues as they develop and offer services to meet their needs at attractive prices. Until now, data and analysis on the diverse structure, value, offerings and market players catering to SMEs and their business telecommunications services requirements has been relatively difficult and time consuming to gather and organize in a conveniently accessible format.

PMR Publications recently announced the release of a new market intelligence report, Telecommunications services for business and carrier segment in Poland 2011. This comprehensive and insightful document includes the latest data, analysis and forecasts for the business and operator services segments, chiefly the landline and mobile telephony and DLISP (leased lines, data transmission and Internet access) services. It deals with the business and wholesale markets separately to preserve clarity and simplify research tasks.

“The market of telecommunications services for businesses is without a doubt the most profitable segment of the telecom market from the point of view of profit margins. Enterprises generate relatively highest ARPU for operators, it is therefore no surprise that the competition on the market is fierce. As recipients, firms are very different from households – in terms of offer, level of outlays, as well as the range and parameters of ordered services.

Interestingly, even determining such a basic variable as the number of companies active in Poland in individual employment categories, i.e. the market potential, is a challenge to be reckoned with when analysing the market of telecom services for business. On the other hand, the business segment in itself is very diverse and heterogeneous. It is not only impossible to compare the telecommunications services used by large companies and microfirms, but even within one employment group enterprises may have entirely different ICT needs.”

In order to locate and capitalize on new opportunities, you need direct access to the latest news, sharpest analysis, most reliable statistics and knowledgeable forecasting available. Read Telecommunications services for business and carrier segment in Poland 2011today, and refer to this new report from PMR on a regular basis as you monitor market expansion and contemplate new business strategies.

This report explores the structure and dynamics of landline telephony, including VoIP and F2M, local and international calling services. It covers the market for mobile telephony services for businesses, including data and voice services and MVNO hosting, and compares wholesale landline and mobile services and analyses peering and IP transit services.

Readers will benefit from analysis of legal regulations that will affect market activity, most active trends and specific areas in which operators concentrate their investments. Top companies are profiled in the pages of this report, which supplies their revenues and growth strategies. It also includes solid and reliable forecasts for market development in all business segments until 2015.

While preparing Telecommunications services for business and carrier segment in Poland 2011 , PMR’s expert analysts have consulted their most reliable sources and created a market guide that answers the questions of readers on all major issues with regard to both the current status and future progression of this dynamic marketplace.

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