March 2012

SOHO Chief Says Housing Policies Are Biggest Risk to China’s Economy

By Michael Cole, Mingtiandi, In the latest sign of the pressures that China’s restrictions on residential real estate are putting […]

How Myanmar Liberates Asia

By Robert D. Kaplan, Stratfor Myanmar’s ongoing liberalization and its normalization of relations with the outside world have the possibility […]

Online Social Networks and the Ascent of Facebook

From can turtles fly blog site, As bizarre as this sounds, one of the most valuable innovations in technology over […]

Greg Smith on Goldman: An indictment of investment banking?

By Aswath Damodaran, NYU Professor of Finance, Greg Smith, the Goldman VP who resigned with a searing indictment of Goldman […]

Taking the long view

From the Economist – print edition, Jeff Bezos, the founder and chief executive of Amazon, owes much of his success […]

Where Asia’s richest man is putting his money now

By Russell Flannery,, from theglobeandmail, Even at 83, Asia’s richest man, Li Ka-shing, gets more done by lunch than […]

The Wisdom of Asia’s Warren Buffett

By Robert Hsu, Editor, China Strategy, Even though it’s only 2007, the Chinese have already celebrated what they’re calling the […]

Wall Street Keys On Landlord Business

by Nick Timiraos, Robbie Whelan and Matt Phillips | The Wall Street Journal   Some of the biggest names on […]

There’s a Beach for Everyone in Brazil

By Margaret Summerfield, Daily Reckoning, The Beach is almost a religion in Brazil. It’s where you spend your free time, […]

Distressed in Europe

By Ronan McMahon, International Living, The economies of the PIIGS (Portugal, Ireland, Italy, Greece, Spain) are in disarray. Europe is […]