10 Profitable simple Business Ideas with Low Investment


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Today we will look at some of the simple Business Ideas with Low Investment businesses that have become popular in recent months. If you are thinking about investing and do not have high amount of capital, these ideas may be useful to define in which business concept you should invest with.

We have compiled a list of profitable business ideas that are currently in high demand and are ideal for investing. Since there are not many people offering these services can be a great advantage for your business growth and you can draw your own conclusions and decide which is best for you.

Remember that investing in some business ideas is always a good option to get some extra profits at the end of the month. In addition, they are businesses that give you the possibility to become independent and to undertake it with your family.

List of Profitable simple Business Ideas with Low Investment:

  1. Recycling:

As you will know all materials today are recyclable and they opens a door to start a new business. There are many people who are not interested in recycling and therefore tend to get rid of things. And that’s where our business is, you can offer the service to collect all recyclables goods and sell them to the manufacturer at a good price. Many companies buy recyclable waste, whether paper, paperboard, plastics and electrical appliances. Without a doubt this will be one of the best ideas for developing a new business.

  1. Software Developer:

If you are a software programming specialist, you can offer your expertise to the different people by offering some tutoring can also prove to be one of the best ideas for business. Many people want to learn and they find it difficult to pay for professional courses or books. Another alternative is that you can write manuals and sell them online.

  1. Setting up a doctor’s office:

As you will know, today hospitals and clinics do not cater for so many people. Therefore, you will be able to set up a doctor’s office and offer the services for hospitals and clinics. Its main service can be data management and analysis for organizations, clinics and laboratories.

  1. Mobile Food Station:

I decided to add this service to my list of best business ideas, because since the last few years has not stopped growing demand. In addition, it is much cheaper and comfortable than a local food; you can offer different meals in different places.

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And I need not to say why this business is profitable, since everyone knows that food has always been one of the main businesses that never fail.

  1. Freelancing:

Nowadays the majority of companies use to hire independent workers and hire them to fill some spaces in their job training. Without a doubt, it has become one of the most profitable businesses with the most demand in 2017. You can offer different services, either through the internet or in a physical place.

  1. Translator:

Currently, companies are growing very fast, doing business from the United States to China and that is created the demand for translators to answer calls and / or orders grow. If you are a translator, you can set up a specialized office for customer care or you can offer your services independently.

  1. Beauty Salon at home:

Currently one of the best business trends with more growth is the Beauty Salon at home. Many people usually get these services, either for convenience or because the person cannot move from their home. If you were thinking of getting into this business, this interesting business idea could be your starting point.

  1. Repair of Smart Phones:

Every day the phones are more complicated for people, so you can offer repair services and file backups for their phones. Currently there are very few businesses specifically related to this, so if you are good at repairing and handling these types of phones, here is one of the great business ideas for this 2017.

  1. Website Developer:

This is something that I have been repeating for a long time, but it is worth renaming it every day, because it is one of the best businesses with the most demanding in the business arena and there are currently not many people who offer this service. If you are good at programming websites, designing, etc and here you have a good business option to start with.

  1. Mobile Laundry:

In recent times, people no longer have time to devote to their pets, so this business idea has become a popular trend. Hiring beauty services for pets is comfortable for the client, so there is always a lot of demand. You can offer your services at home, offering washing and haircut for different pets.

Well these were some ideas for simple Business Ideas with Low Investment, I hope it has served them well and they can boost their creativity by developing some innovative business concepts in their new business.

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