What Is The True Definition Of Legal Public Relations In The UK Legal System


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By Jeremy Peters, Black Letter PR

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Public relations is a strategic attempt to present an organization favorably in front of its target audience, which might be comprised of stakeholders, employees, and the people at large. Legal public relation is a small specialised part of the huge concept known as public relations. As the name suggests, legal public PR deals with the legal sector. Barristers and law firms both big and small are the primary clients of the legal PR service providers.

A good public relations firm works with its clients in order to understand the goals of the firm and then come up with comprehensive strategies that will benefit the overall image of the organisation. The rule is the same everywhere and legal PR is no exception. The importance of presenting a good image in front of the public is important for any business.

Its significance cannot be stressed enough when dealing with the domain of legal practitioners. The reason is quite simple. The business of any law firm would be based on the trust and confidence it can instil in people. At the end of the day, this confidence would be equated with the capability of the barristers in question.

Another aspect of good legal PR is the fact that through well planned out steps, a PR firm helps its clients stay on top of the minds of the people. This is important in bringing new business to the firm because people are most likely to consider consulting the attorneys they already know about when the need arises. Good legal PR services create this knowledge base on the mind of the people.

Now the question is, how? In other words, what are the steps taken by a PR firm to make its clients known to the public? There is no simple answer to that. The most straightforward answer that one can expect is that these steps would be determined by the specific needs and goals of a particular law firm. As well as its present perceived public image.

Often the strategy involved includes press coverage and media interactions. A favorable coverage by the press can give much mileage to any law firm. Even a local newspaper edition reaches thousands of houses in the UK. People who read a certain magazine or a newspaper already has a preference for their content. When an article on a law firm is published in any of those publications it instantly gains the trust of the readers.

This can benefit anybody, even the small law firms. The content can even be simultaneously used in the firm’s website and social media platforms. This is very important because no one can ignore the role of the internet in today’s world. A law firm can also use this coverage when sending an email or newsletter to its existing client base. Legal public relations is the answer and often the solution for many situations that law firms across the UK find them in.

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About the author: Jeremy Peters is a writer who specialises in Legal PR. Working for  Black Letter PR and other clients. You can find him on Google Plus. Please add him to your circles.

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