Waste Management for your Business: What You Need to Do


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Did you know that every business need to comply with controlled waste legislation? Even if you are a small start-up and you do not anticipate generating much waste, you still need to pay attention to the proper processes for disposing of your business waste in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. If you are new to the practicalities of business waste management, check out the processes here.

Know Your Responsibilities

A business needs to commit to keeping waste to a minimum and this can be achieved by reusing materials and items, buying fewer things, recycling or recovering waste in order to keep negative environmental impact to a minimum. A business also must sort waste appropriately and store it carefully to keep it safe and secure. A waste transfer note needs to be completed for every load of waste from the business that leaves the premises. The waste carrier a business uses must be registered, and the carrier should not illegally dispose of any waste from the business.

Know What Counts as Business Waste

The type of waste that is included as business waste covers a wide range. It includes waste from any commercial business – all manner of waste from paper to food, industrial chemicals to construction materials.

Sort and Store Your Waste

All waste must be kept in a safe and secure place in a suitable container that prevents the waste from spilling or leaking. The containers for waste must be labelled correctly and there should be covers on the containers to prevent the waste from blowing away, being tampered with, or contaminating the local environment. Different types of waste need to be stored separately so they can be better used in business recycling schemes.

Complete Waste Transfer Notes

You need to fill out a waste transfer note when you move waste products off your business premises. Or you need to have an invoice for the waste management procedure. If you have regular waste disposal needs you don’t have to fill out a separate note each time and can instead use a season ticket system. You need to keep copies of notes on file for up to two years and show them if necessary.

When dealing with commercial waste a company must use a registered company for disposal and waste recycling. Not only does this ensure you stay within the law but it also provides peace of mind that the service you receive will be professional and reliable. Waste management is an important part of business although it is not something you want to handle on a daily basis – good waste management companies take the stress out of these essential task.

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