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Investing Lessons, Investing Strategies, Investing Styles (Growth, Value, Large Cap, Small Cap). Analysis of the investment strategies and investment styles of different hedge fund investors.

6 ways to invest like a pro

These investment strategies are used by professional fund managers, but you can use them, too. And when you choose a [...]

The best investment advice of all time

=We’ve collected pearls of wisdom from 10 of the finest financial minds in history. By Forbes staff Wealth wisdom from [...]

These are the most religious places in the world (and what they’re practicing)

By Simran Khosla, Global Post, This map shows the countries where more than half the population consider themselves practicing members [...]

5 collectibles soaring in value

Increased interest in these high-end investments has helped raise their value recently. Record auction prices haven’t hurt. By Vince Calio [...]

The Buffett Valuation Indicator: Some Odds and Ends

By Doug Short, Advisor Perspectives, Market Cap to GDP is a relatively long-term valuation indicator that has become popular in [...]

Investing’s Biggest Irony: Everyone Thinks They’re a Contrarian

By Morgan Housel, Motley Fool,   Robert Shiller won the Nobel Prize in economics last year for his research on [...]

How to Manage a Money Crisis, Marine Corps Style

By Dennis Miller Miller’s Money, My boyhood friend Tom G. has been a member of our hometown Citizens Corps for [...]

Mid-Year Emerging Markets Update: ‘Recovery Phase’

By Mark Mobius, Franklin Templeton, As I’ve often said, investing in emerging markets requires patience, long-term perspective, and selective stock-picking. [...]


  Anyone who’s tried to get a mortgage in recent years knows that it hasn’t been easy. But there are [...]

How to live and work abroad when you retire

By Meghan Streit, KiplingerMore Americans are leaving the country to live out their golden years. Here’s how to embark on an [...]

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