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Investing Lessons, Investing Strategies, Investing Styles (Growth, Value, Large Cap, Small Cap). Analysis of the investment strategies and investment styles of different hedge fund investors.

You Could Live to 105—Can You Pay for It?

By Andrey Dashkov, Millers Money, Dennis often tells our team that he and his peers were counselled to plan for [...]

Retire Early, Save $60,000, and Travel the World

  By Yvonne Bauche, International Living, Three years ago, my husband Michael and I were both on the corporate treadmill—Michael [...]

Private real estate assets reach all-time high of USD740bn

From HedgeWeek, By Preqin, Global assets under management* of the private real estate industry have reached USD742bn, an all-time high [...]

The Freelance Economy Still Runs on Word of Mouth

Justin Fox We may well be entering a new age of work, in which tasks can be sliced into bite-sized chunks and [...]

Best advice from CEOs: 40 execs’ secrets to success

By Christopher Tkaczyk and Scott Olster, Fortune, We’ve gathered wisdom from those who have rocketed up the corporate ladder and [...]


  Patrick O’Shaughnessy   The idea for this post came from Nas and Charles Murray. That’s got to be the [...]

How to Not Outlive Your Retirement Savings

By: Robert C. Pozen The U.S. Treasury recently amended its rules to encourage workers with retirement plans to purchase life annuities [...]

You Could Be Entitled to a Second Passport

By Bob Bauman JD, International Living,  The old saying is: “It’s in your blood.” Some would argue that it’s an [...]

Mohnish Pabrai’s Million-Dollar Advice For A 12-Year-Old Investor

By Phil DeMuth, Forbes, The Q&A session at the recent Pabrai Funds annual meeting featured the following priceless exchange between the [...]

The man who taught Warren Buffett how to manage a company

By Max Nisen, Disciples of the investing firm Berkshire Hathaway and its legendary leader, Warren Buffett, know that his mentors in investing [...]

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