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Hong Kong is famous for its status as a financial hub and for the industriousness of its people, but now [...]

David Rubenstein of Carlyle Group; Mensch

By Jeffrey Carter, Last night I had the opportunity to listen to David Rubenstein of Carlyle Group.  I enjoy listening [...]

Is OneMain the Next Non-Prime Lending Winner?

By Jon C. Ogg The world of lending has become quite different since the recession. There are now websites and financial services companies [...]

Zimbabwe Becomes Beijing’s First African Colony With Adoption Of Chinese Yuan

To say that Zimbabwe has not had much luck with its monetary system experiments, would be an understatement. After its [...]

A Crisis Worse than ISIS? Bank Bail-Ins Begin

By: Ellen_Brown At the end of November, an Italian pensioner hanged himself after his entire €100,000 savings were confiscated in a bank “rescue” [...]

Some Countries See Migrants as an Economic Boon, Not a Burden

MONTREAL—Lined with cafes and bustling with newcomers, the streets of this eclectic port city, where French and English are spoken [...]

Health Benefits of 15 Teas – infographic

From Visually. by Tim Gamble 0

The Segregation That Zoning Inflicts on Cities

Land-use restrictions can create concentrations of poverty and wealth throughout urban centers and their suburbs. Mark Makela / Reuters RICHARD [...]

Key things to know about federal land ownership in the West

__ HOW MUCH LAND DOES THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OWN? It controls about a million square miles, mostly in the West, [...]

The Only China Play To Make Now

 By StreetAuthority Shutterstock photo   For decades now, investors and companies have been trying to position for an emergent China. Foreign [...]

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