Oxstones Fundamentals Stock Screens

The Oxstones Team is providing the Oxstones community with free weekly updated stock screens to help you find potential Oxstones. We will be screening the stock universe ( all publicly listed stocks on stock exchanges – NYSE, Amex, Nasdaq) based on the following fundamental factors. We hope these screens will help you on your quest to find a fruitful Oxstone! Download them below.

The Oxstones Team

Price Per Sales
PEG Ratio
Current PE
Forward PE
Insider Trading
Dividend Yield
Price Below/Near Book Value
Price Below/Near 52 Week Low
Ex Dividend Date
Stocks Under $10
Stocks Under $5
Price Below/Near Cash Value
Stocks Near or Below Book with Dividends
Stocks Under $10 with Dividend
Stocks Under $5 with Dividend
Data Updates on Friday After Market Close
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