Tips for making money online without spending a fortune


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Making money from the comfort of your home is a lot easier than you think. Contrary to popular belief, there’s no need to invest a fortune to be able to earn a living online. Millions of people make sensible amounts of cash from blogging, selling things online, trading, and investing. In all honesty, working at home comes with a lot of perks. However, there’s a huge difference between unsolicited offers that pop into your inbox and genuine online job opportunities. If you want to try your luck at making money online, the following tips might be of great assistance.

Spend time asking and receiving feedback on what you want to sell

If you want to make money online by selling stuff, you need to welcome feedback from people that are not your friends and family. It is important to test your product on strangers to validate it. Friends and family are too attached; of course they’ll like it. Find a way to obtain market validation from people that are not close to you. Next, you should pitch your idea to a crowdfunding website (e.g. Kickstarter, Rockethub, Indiegogo are excellent choices). Create the best marketing campaign and people will want to know more.


Make a website

The internet is everyone’s oyster, and with a little help you can make money online with your website. However, you need to use your site to build a digital footprint for your brand. Make sure it’s simple but efficient; a content-efficient website that sell things or just information, must be properly optimized. This is the part you need to spend some money. But the investment will eventually pay off if you don’t fall back.

Decide on a CMS (content management system) that is popular, use-friendly and free. WordPress is an excellent choice. Then register a domain and settle on a hosting service. Use ecommerce enabling plugins to customize your CMS with themes, and pay close attention to websites like Squarespace and Shopify that allow you to create an e-commerce website on your own.

Study the competition

Whether you’re planning on building a website, investing or trading to make cash online, it pays to know your competition. You potential customers will always want to know if what you have to offer is the best deal they can get. Use tools such as SimilarWeb to explore websites like yours and have a closer look at what the competition is providing.


Make an action plan

An action plan is fundamental when you plan on making money online. Get your priorities straight and choose your form of investment. Forex trading for example, demands a lot of commitment. Prior to spending any money, you need to get a feel of the industry. Check official websites and forums for some extra information. Consult with a financial advisor, or better yet know more about financial forecasting software programs. These will help you make sensible decisions without forcing you to pay someone to give you guidance.

Google AdSense Program

If you’re not that into technical forms of investment like trading, you could do online advertising with Google AdSense. Signing up is quite easy; then all you have to do is paste a code into your website to permit ads to become active on your website. However, the bad news is you don’t have control over the ads, and you might have to wait for months for this technique to render any profits. But if your website goes well and you have visitors, everything will work out in your favor.


Making money online is something everyone can do. Whether you have things to sell or stories to share, everyone should know that the internet can be a valuable source of income. Many people today make money online from freelancing. In the last 10 years, freelancing has become a full-time job for millions. However, if you have that entrepreneurial spirit you can’t get rid of, investing might be more suitable for you. Trading stocks, buying and selling fine wine, art or collectibles, financial consulting or selling services might just be what you need to provide for your family and live comfortably without leaving the comfort of your home.

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