Zillow vs. Trulia: An Overview

If you’ve ever done research online to rent, buy, or sell a home, or if you’ve just wanted to see […]

9 Steps to Invest in Rental Real Estate

For a variety of reasons, the rate of home ownership in the United States is declining at a steady rate. […]

Trulia crowdsources neighborhood reviews so you won’t regret your move

Trulia, the online real estate site owned by its former rival Zillow, wants to give you a better idea of […]

Zillow, The Industry, and Reading the Tea Leaves

   This is one of those posts I write from time to time to figure out what I think about […]

Why online customers love Zillow and Trulia more than you – a special report for brokers, franchisors, associations and MLSes

http://realtynex.us/wp-content/uploads/2013/05/Why-Online-Consumers-Love-Zillow-and-Trulia.pdf 1

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