Oxstones Food for Thought – July 2015 – How to Invest in America’s Economic Revival

By Liu-Yue (Louie) Lam, Global Investment Strategist, Oxstones Investment Club Warren Buffett wrote in his annual report – “Though we […]

Falling Oil Prices Present a Great Opportunity – An Interview with Jim Rogers

By James Stafford, From oilprice.com site, World markets appear to be hovering over a precipice as Europe’s sovereign debt crisis, […]

Natural gas and solar collectors come on top as the preferred solutions when replacing heating systems in Poland

In the recent years, Poland has seen the dynamic growth of state-of-the-art heating systems, which start to play an increasingly […]

Obama’s Spending Plan Is Investors’ Cue

by Robert Powell, Market Watch, Commentary: President’s State of the Union speech is a road map BOSTON (MarketWatch) — Wayne […]

China’s Green Revolution

China’s Green Revolution The NY Times article listed below provides a detailed analysis of the interconnection between Chinese clean technology […]

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