Prosperous legacy for 2014

Dear Investors! Balkan Emerging Frontiers Fund generated 0.46% net return in November and 0.49% net return in December. It has […]

6 savings accounts that beat stocks

In these countries, a simple bank account can earn you upwards of 10 percent interest — way better than US […]

Serbia leader calls Gazprom pipeline vital

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — Gazprom’s South Stream pipeline, which will bypass Ukraine to transport Russian natural gas to Europe, is […]

3rd investment anniversary of BEF fund‏

Balkan Emerging Frontiers Fund was established in April 2010, and began investing on August 1st of the same year. On […]

BEF FUND – Successfully finished month – 10.38% return in three months!

Balkan Emerging Frontiers Fund made 0.59% net return in February and 3.14% net return in March. Net YTD return in […]

Balkan Emerging Frontiers Fund – Main remarks from the Emerging markets panel‏

Mr. Denis Vengust, Investment Manager of BEF Fund attended European Family Office Winter Symposium held in conjunction with the Institutional […]

Fund yield in January 6.4% – Balkan stock markets growth is back

Investment inflows have finally started to flow into region of former Yugoslavia again, resulting in high growth of regional Stock […]

How do we add value to your return? Two examples

In October and November NAV of share of Balkan Emerging Frontiers Fund (BEF Fund) has indeed not changed much, however […]

IMF opens talks on new loan deal with Serbia

BELGRADE, Serbia (AP) — The International Monetary Fund has opened talks with Serbia that could potentially lead to a new […]

Huge investment opportunity in Western Balkans

Region of Western Balkans in South Eastern Europe has enormous growth potential. Short term potential of regional capital markets is […]