Tips to Teach Your Daughter How to Manage Finances Zaneilia Harris + FOLLOW

As you prepare to send your daughters off to college, one of the best gifts you can give as a parent is […]

The new tax law makes hiring your kid a better idea than ever

Put your children to work over summer vacation and save taxes Put the kid to work over summer vacation and […]

4 Alternatives to Borrowing or Withdrawing Retirement Funds

Borrowing from your 401(k) or withdrawing money from your IRA  before you have retired is generally a bad idea because […]

How this couple saved $1 million and retired in their 30s

If you were to catch Travis on a Saturday afternoon last year, chances are he would’ve been belly-up in the driveway, […]

Make your money last a lifetime

These days, protecting your savings as you approach retirement — with the goal of making it last as long as […]

A 27-year-old millionaire reveals how he built his wealth

  By Mandi Woodruff CORRECTION:  Since the publication of this story on Nov. 4, new details have come to light which […]

The 13 Biggest Money Mistakes Retirees Make

On the surface, retiring seems to be about transitioning from the working grind to days of all leisure and no […]

Retirement planning with 3 numbers

Retirement math can be enough to drive anyone a little batty. If you’ve got handle on these 3 factors, though, […]

Start with $10,000 and retire a millionaire

The 7% solution: Let money and time work for you, no matter your age By Jonathan Burton, MarketWatch SAN FRANCISCO […]

Four Traditional Money Rules to Break

By AnnaMaria Andriotis, Smart Money, Never borrow against a 401(k). Avoid credit cards. Make a bigger down payment on your […]

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