Mark Cuban says the best investment is to pay off your debt

Is Paying Off Your Debt the Best Investment You Can Make? Billionaire investor and Shark Tank star Mark Cuban said that the […]

The What (Asset Allocation) & Where (Asset Location) of Investing

By Grant Wasylik, Asset allocation is paramount. Numerous studies confirm it. They show, time and again, that asset allocation accounts […]

Make your money last a lifetime

These days, protecting your savings as you approach retirement — with the goal of making it last as long as […]

15 year table of UK asset class returns

  The different asset classes are differentiated by colour. Click to enlarge this table of historical asset class returns. Source: […]

5 Traits the Best Investors in the World Share

  STRATEGIES TO BOOST YOUR PORTFOLIO From value investing to growth investing to index funds and currency markets, the best […]

How to construct your own asset allocation

by The Accumulator, Trying to settle on an asset allocation is a classic cause of analysis paralysis. Financial industry talk of […]

10 Investment Rules To Live By

by Lance Roberts, From Street Talk Live, I was recently interviewed by Fox Business for my thoughts on what “first […]

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