“We Bought Our Own Olive Farm in Puglia, Italy for $195,000”

By Gina Mussio Scott Bergstein and his wife Jessica Coup had never seen Puglia before they decided to move there. […]

New Rules for Retirement 3 reasons to retire as early as you can

Time is one of the most valuable assets at your disposal. Unfortunately, many people spend 40 hours a week for […]

How this couple saved $1 million and retired in their 30s

If you were to catch Travis on a Saturday afternoon last year, chances are he would’ve been belly-up in the driveway, […]

Tales of Early Retirement: the Path 3 People Took

Many Americans fear they’ll never be able to retire, but there are those who are able to retire early, saying goodbye […]

Want to Retire in Your 30s and Travel the World? This Couple Did!

Jeremy and Winnie retired in their 30’s to travel around the world. (Photo: GoCurryCracker.com) Most people don’t think about retiring […]

Travel the World on Just $1,250 a Month

By Gigi Griffis, International Living, After years of dreaming, planning, and preparing, Betsy and Warren Talbot sold their home, packed […]

“The Retiree Next Door”: How successful retirees stretch their savings

Toni Eugenia, 56, retired early in this cozy over-55 community in Seattle Wash. in 2013. By the time she hit […]

10 habits to get rich

  As a financial advisor, I have occasionally found myself feeling envious of certain clients. Not because of their wealth […]

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