After rising for 100 years, electricity demand is flat. Utilities are freaking out.

The US electricity sector is in a period of unprecedented change and turmoil. Renewable energy prices are falling like crazy. Natural […]

Wind farms in Atlantic could power the world: study

Wind farms in the open ocean can generate far more renewable energy than those on land, possibly enough to power […]

Man-made “wind trees” will finally make it possible to power homes using turbines

Picture a steady breeze blowing through the leaves of a tree. Now imagine these leaves could do more than simply […]

New Algae Research May Have Uncovered an “Energy Forest” Under the Sea

Companies / Renewable Energy By: Money_Morning Dr. Kent Moors writes: I’ve never subscribed to the idea that we need a silver bullet to […]

Unlikely Bedfellows: Mines That Run on Solar or Wind Power

Mining companies are often seen as dinosaurs when it comes to making changes that will benefit the environment, but that perception may […]

The Dirty Way to Feed 9 Billion People

The solution to a major agricultural problem is a little gross, but it’s necessary. By James J. Elser and Bruce E. Rittmann Future […]

Cleaning Up on China’s Waste

By Rebecca McReynolds, Chazen Global Insights, Technology that minimizes or even reverses environmental damage — known as ”clean tech“ — […]

Falling Oil Prices Present a Great Opportunity – An Interview with Jim Rogers

By James Stafford, From site, World markets appear to be hovering over a precipice as Europe’s sovereign debt crisis, […]

What Warren Buffett Really Thinks About Energy

The legendary Warren Buffett made headlines recently when Berkshire Hathaway (NYSE: BRK-A  ) (NYSE: BRK-B  ) subsidiary MidAmerican Energy entered the solar […]

131 = The number of years to replace oil

By Dian L. Chu, Economic Forecasts & Opinions It seems the panic time for both green enthusiasts and peak oil […]

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