PayPal Has Been Quietly Getting Into the Traditional Banking Business

What has FDIC insurance on balances, a debit card that can be used to withdraw cash at ATMs, and the […]

The History Of Money: From Beads To Virtual Currency [Infographic]

We spend it in cash and transfer it with smartphones, but how many of us know its history? Here’s a […]

The most anticipated IPOs of 2017

As 2016 winds down, it is clear that this year’s U.S. initial public offerings — or IPOs — are running well behind […]

How EBay’s CEO Plans to Take On Amazon

About a year after taking the reins, he’s making steady progress and so far has proven Carl Icahn wrong. by […]

5 dying and 5 thriving industries

Fantasy sports Before the Internet, fantasy sports was an uncharted and unglamorous, paper-and-pencil and snail-mail entity — many leaps and […]

EBay’s Strategy for Taking On Amazon

EBay’s Strategy for Taking On Amazon By JEFF HIMMELMAN A blue BMW crossed the cracked parking lot and rolled to […]

Google Wallet Is Leaking Money

Google Wallet (GOOG), the mobile software that allows Android users to pay for purchases online and in stores with their […]

Bitcoin Craze Highlights Intrinsic Value of Gold and Silver (GLD, SLV, EBAY, AMZN)

If you have been following the coverage of Bitcoin this week, you have seen a frenzy level come about. The […]

Startup, dropout: The China tech IPO boom is only beginning

By Bill Powell, Fortune, Investors are pitching the Zuckerberg-Gates-Google model of college-kid startups at China’s prestigious universities. And the kids are […]

A Dim View of Betting on Start-Ups

By ANDREW ROSS SORKIN, NY Times, “There’s too much money chasing too few deals.” Sean Parker, the entrepreneur behind Napster […]

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