For Doomsday Preppers, the End of the World Is Good for Business

Prepper websites, selling items like food and water supplies, have experienced a bump in sales as tensions have grown this […]

Oxstones Food for Thought – June 2017 – Winter is Coming

“Winter is Coming” – the motto for House of Stark in the Game of Thrones (HBO series).  The meaning behind […]

The Geopolitics of Nuclear Weapons

By George Friedman, Xander Snyder, and Cheyenne Ligon, Geopolitical Futures President Trump has reversed his stance on a number of […]

Lonely Planet’s favourite final frontiers

By Joe Bindloss, Lonely Planet, Fifty years ago, the Starship Enterprise set out ‘to explore strange new worlds, to seek […]

Jim Rogers on Opportunities in Russia and Other Hated Markets

By: Casey_Research Nick Giambruno: Welcome, Jim. As you know, Doug Casey and I travel the world surveying crisis markets, and we always […]

How Venezuelan Used ‘Scrape’ to Make Six Times Her Salary

Venezuela’s currency controls are turning trips abroad into profitable junkets. A 27-year-old trade analyst from Caracas said she earned six […]

Geopolitical Journey: The Search for Belonging and Ballistic Missile Defense in Romania

By George Friedman During the Cold War, Romania confused all of us. Long after brutality in other communist countries declined, […]

2013 Prognosis

The following are my thoughts about things that might happen in 2013. This (Link) takes you to a discussion of […]

Falling Oil Prices Present a Great Opportunity – An Interview with Jim Rogers

By James Stafford, From site, World markets appear to be hovering over a precipice as Europe’s sovereign debt crisis, […]

Top Global Political Risks of 2011

Here are the Top Global Political Risks for 2011 as defined by The Eurasia Group. G-Zero Europe Cybersecurity China North […]

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