EM Index Poised To Take On Larger China Weighting

By Calamos Investments, Browse our chart archives on calamos.com/ourway for additional downloadable, embeddable emerging markets charts and commentary 0

Are Emerging-Markets Stocks Too Cheap to Ignore?

By Ben Johnson, Morningstar, Emerging-markets stocks have gone from the penthouse to the outhouse. Over the 10-year period ended Oct. […]

Best Stock Pickers Trawl Frontier Markets as U.S. Funds Lose

By Michael Patterson, Bloomberg, Stock pickers focused on the least- developed markets are trouncing their benchmark index and producing annual […]

China’s Bear Market Lures Foreign Bids as Locals Pull Funds

By Bloomberg News Overseas Money Managers Scoop Up Chinese Stocks International money managers are lining up to buy stocks in […]

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