South Africa: Key Issues and Challenges

As I’ve previously written, I had the opportunity to visit South Africa recently and meet with a number of executives […]

How China’s city migration could help rebalance the economy

Editor’s Note:This interview was originally published by Bloomberg. China said this month it’ll encourage another 100 million of its rural […]

Is the refugee crisis an opportunity for an aging Europe?

Europe is facing the biggest inflow of migrants in decades. The number of refugees from conflict zones in Syria, Iraq, […]

East Prussia

The recent development of the events in the former Soviet Union (FSU) brought more attention to the tendencies of aspiration […]

3 ways America should be more like Canada

    By Rick Newman .View photo Source: Thinkstock Its middle class is thriving, its people are universally liked and its […]

Portugal Takes on St Kitts as the Next Chinese Immigration Destination

As the world competes to help wealthy Chinese get their money out of China, some new hotspots are emerging as […]

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