Humanity faces simultaneous climate disasters: Study

By century’s end, many parts of the world may have to cope with up to six climate catastrophes at once, […]

7 of your favorite foods might be going extinct soon

by Meg Josephson There’s no denying that the seasons are out of whack. Besides affecting our moods and making us complain more, […]

For the first time, a factory started capturing CO2 from the air to turn it into a useful product

A Swiss company on May 31 is set to become the world’s first to commercially remove carbon dioxide directly from the […]

VIDEO: This global warming GIF shows how hot Earth has gotten over the past 165 years

By Timothy McGrath,  Global Post This global warming GIF shows how hot Earth has gotten over the past 165 years […]

Meet the companies that are trying to profit from global warming

Global warming won’t necessarily be bad news for everyone. For some companies and countries, it might even prove quite lucrative. […]

The world has discovered a $1 trillion ocean

As chairman of investments at Guggenheim Partners, Scott Minerd thought he had a realistic view on how big an economic […]

The Global Problem of Clean Drinking Water

Clean drinking water is the kind of water that is safe for drinking by human beings without causing health risks […]

This graphic shows how much CO2 the average American produces each year

By Simran Khosla, Global Post,

Rick Rule’s Favorite New Thesis

By Chris Mayer, From Daily Reckoning, I was chatting with Rick Rule last Friday. Rick is now part of Sprott […]

Farming in the Arctic’s Future

A region with unlimited access to water (though salt water) and a climate in which the temperature rises relentlessly — what a […]