Warren Buffett’s Best Investment

By Bill and Melinda Gates, Our 2017 annual letter is addressed to our dear friend Warren Buffett, who in 2006 […]

10 Alternative Investments Outside of Stocks and Bonds

By Jon C. Ogg, 247WallSt, Investors in 2016 have to be scratching their heads when it comes to where to […]

Jim Rogers: Skip the MBA, get an agriculture degree

Jim Rogers believes the finance industry is about to slip into secular decline. That’s why the famed investor advises young […]

High Tech Heads for the Farm

By Adam J. Crawford, Casey’s Research, If you think the agriculture industry is asleep at the technological wheel, you’re in […]

To Help the World’s Poor, Give Them Real Jobs

The latest U.S. jobs numbers showed a U.S. unemployment rate still at 7.6 percent. The official global unemployment rate, compiled […]

The Best Unopened Market in the World

By Chris Mayer, Daily Reckoning, Archibald Colquhoun returned from a trip to Myanmar (Burma) enthusiastic about the opportunities in the […]

Jim Rogers – ‘U.S. Needs To Cut Spending With A Chainsaw!’

From dailybail.com site, Interview transcript: Jim Rogers: I hope it’s only one decade of loss that we lose in America. Japan […]

Being Like Soros in Buying Farmland Reaps Annual Gains of 16%

By Seth Lubove, Bloomberg, Perry Vieth baled hay on a neighbor’s farm in Wisconsin for two summers during high school […]

China’s 9.7% GDP–No Easy Answer n Inflation

China’s GDP rose 9.7% in the first quarter. The nation’s consumer prices rose 5.4% in March compared to the same […]

CUBA Preparing for Perestroika

By Douglas Clayton, for The Daily Reckoning, Dividing Old Havana from Chinatown is Cuba’s Capitolio Nacional, a monumental edifice with […]

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