Celebrating Romania

Ten years ago, Fondul Proprietatea (Fondul) was established to compensate Romanians whose properties were confiscated by the former communist government, […]

Shadow Banking Stealth Mutation: The Acronyms for the Next Financial Crisis

By: Gordon_T_Long According to the latest study by the Financial Stability Board (FSB) the unregulated $72 Trillion Global Shadow Banking System […]

Europe’s zombie banks: Blight of the living dead

“PROBABLY the most successful monetary-policy measure undertaken in recent times.” That is Mario Draghi’s self-effacing judgment on the outright monetary […]

The Clear Signs of a Global Inflationary Tsunami Are Already Visible Around the World

Since the Financial Crisis erupted in 2007, the US Federal Reserve has engaged in dozens of interventions/ bailouts to try […]

2013 Prognosis

The following are my thoughts about things that might happen in 2013. This (Link) takes you to a discussion of […]

Housing Bubbling Like 2008 on $4 Trillion Stimulus: Mortgages

Jean Liu’s plan to buy a Hong Kong apartment was derailed by the 2008 global financial crisis. It was an […]

The three-year loans offered by the ECB to banks have helped stabilise the euro zone

by Economist THE European Central Bank (ECB) tends to take the long way around. When in 2009 the Federal Reserve […]

Europe’s Economic Suicide

By PAUL KRUGMAN On Saturday The Times reported on an apparently growing phenomenon in Europe: “suicide by economic crisis,” people […]

Euro-zone: Damned with faint plans

Damned with faint plans Euro-zone government bonds have not been made safe—and the euro project remains in peril   THERE […]