The Broken Bond Market

By Macromon, Global Macro Monitor, The Fed tightens on Wednesday and bonds rally.  What the heck? GaveKal, Jeff Gundlach,  and […]

Charts Show 28 Seriously Troubled Mega-Banks: 24 of Them in Europe

By Michael Shedlock, I have been saying for years that European banks are in far worse shape than U.S. banks. […]

ECB Plans Negative Rate on Bank Deposits

By Christian Reiermann, Spiegel International, European Central Bank executive board member Peter Praet of Germany is expected to recommend that […]

Like Houdini, the Markets Escape Again and Again

By Stephen C. Sexauer, Allianz Global Investors, The Hungarians who fled Budapest in the 1930s have changed the world. This […]

Soft US jobs figures keep a lid on markets

Japan’s Nikkei outperforms ahead of expected aggressive action from central bank By Pan Pylas, AP Business Writer | Associated Press […]

Draghi in Davos: eurozone will recover in second half

The eurozone economy will recover in the second half of the year if structural reforms are kept up, ECB President […]

Priming the Liquidity Pump

By Mark Mobius, The global economy is often like a line of dominos. One piece tumbles, causing others to […]

Balkan Emerging Frontiers Fund September Investment Commentary

Following noticeable growth in June and July, value of indices of large stock exchanges in developed countries (MSCI World Index, […]

The Winds of Market Change

From,  Franklin Templeton Investments site, As we cross the mid-way point of the year, you might say the equity […]

Huge investment opportunity in Western Balkans

Region of Western Balkans in South Eastern Europe has enormous growth potential. Short term potential of regional capital markets is […]