Yuan Overtakes Ruble as World Payments Currency: SWIFT

For the first time, China’s yuan has overtaken the Russian ruble for transactions in the global payment system, according to […]

Jim Rogers and His Case for the Asian Century

Dear Laissez Faire Today Reader, Jeffrey Tucker What is the best single thing you can do for your children? Send […]

Towards the Paranormal

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A Declassified Jon Huntsman On China’s Terror Of A Gold-Pegged Dollar

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QE2 Is the Right Fed Policy

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Morgan Stanley’s Darst: US in ‘Multiyear Bull Market’

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Goldman: The Dollar Needs To Fall Much, Much Further

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US Debt: A Recipe for Economic Disaster?

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Here’s Why The Yuan Will Never Be The World’s Reserve Currency

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How to Profit From a Weak Dollar: Bet on Commodities

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