Infographic: A World of Languages

Infographic: A World of Languages View the high resolution version of today’s graphic by clicking here. Languages provide a window into […]

These are the most religious places in the world (and what they’re practicing)

By Simran Khosla, Global Post, This map shows the countries where more than half the population consider themselves practicing members […]

Want loyal customers? Build a culture of saying yes

Here’s a question: Do you know how your employees treat customers when you aren’t around? Micah Solomon was confident his […]

Happy-Go-Lucky in the Philippines

Happy-Go-Lucky in the Philippines By Jessica Ramekin, International Living “Sundays begin with family. They arrive early and, before long, we’re […]

India’s Role as Enemy to Women

India remains in the Dark Ages among developing nations largely because of its culture and its broken political system. It might […]

Why Barbie Flopped in Shanghai

As Mattel and others trying to expand in China and India have learned, the right blend of localization and globalization […]

In Asia, Hello to Faster Trades and Goodbye to Lunch Hour

From NY Times, JETHRO MULLEN, HONG KONG – Nearly 25 years after the fictional financier Gordon Gekko declared in “Wall […]

Eastern & Western Comparisons

The culture of Europe and Asia’s economic giants: blue represents Germany, red China. Very interesting and humorous comparison, definitely will […]