5 cryptocurrencies you should know about besides bitcoin

After years of being seen as a nerdy collector’s item for programmers and computer geeks, bitcoin has recently gained the attention of mainstream investors, […]

Asset managers cannot afford to ignore robo-advice and digital ledger technology

Asset managers need to have clear, realistic strategies in place to avoid being left behind as the pace of technological […]

Real Time Settlement, A Unique Piece of The BlockChain

  One of the things I never understood about back office financial payment systems was settlement.  Why did it take so […]

People Focus on Bitcoin Currency, But the Magic is The BlockChain

Posted by Jeff Carter David Cohen  and William Mougayer  wrote a piece for Techcrunch called, The Trust Web .  It’s interesting. […]

Alternative Currency Goes Mainstream As Bitcoin ATMs Emerge

The Bitcoin ATM has Arrived… Here’s How it Works The more I learn about Bitcoin, the more I support it. […]

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