Affordable Healthcare with a Personal Touch in Belize

By Karen Sands Zul My husband, Marcos, and I moved to the island of Ambergris Caye, Belize four years ago […]

The 10 best places to retire overseas in 2017

Retirement is often a time to live better, reinvent your life and have a grand adventure, sometimes in a new […]

7 Countries Near Bankruptcy

Puerto Rico defaulted on its $58 million debt repayment this week for the first time in its history. With its […]

9 most affordable retirement spots in the world

These cities boast a low cost of living, a foreigner-friendly vibe and plenty of retirement amenities. By Kathleen Peddicord, U.S. […]

11 Countries Near Bankruptcy

By Alexander E.M. Hess and Alexander Kent July 31, 2014 6:33 pm EDT After years of bitter court battles with creditors, Argentina has […]

Why Life is Simpler, Saner, and Less Expensive in Corozal

By Lynn Armstrong, International Living, Today we have a hotel-resort in Corozal, Belize. But I didn’t start out here… or […]

Cheapest Beach House I’ve Seen So Far

By Len Galvin, International Living, It’s early afternoon and I’m flying 10,000 feet above the Caribbean. The other 12 passengers […]

Caribbean Paradise: The Easiest Country in Central America

By Dan Prescher, International Living Belize is one politically stable little Central American country that makes it easy – whether […]

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