Suzhou and Shanghai Lead October Industrial Park Rankings


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by The RightSite Team,

East China Locations Continue to Attract Attention for Investors

The October RightSite industrial zone Power Rankings show locations in Shanghai and Suzhou snatching eight out of the top twenty positions, as industrial investors continue to concentrate on these more developed locations in eastern China. However, many emerging cities, such as Ningbo, Kunshan and Nantong also made it to the top of the ranks.

The power rankings survey, which measures online traffic to information on more than 1,800 industrial zones and parks in China is designed to provide insights into what investors are searching for online and what industrial developments they devote the most attention to. While established destinations tend to generate the most interest, rising costs are causing more investors to look for alternate investment destinations, and Internet searches are usually their first tool in this site selection process.

October’s Big Winners

For the second month in a row, Suzhou Industrial Park sits on top of the rankings, and it is joined in the top ten by Suzhou Hitech Industrial Development Zone, showing the ongoing popularity of Suzhou with investors both international and domestic. If we are scoring projects by the developer, then Shanghai’s Lingang New City, Waigaoqiao Bonded Logistics Zone, and Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone – all of which are under the same management company – are perhaps the biggest single force on the charts, landing at #2, #5, and #16 respectively. Clearly, all that investment by the Shanghai government is generating interest on the Internet.

New to the Top 20

Joining the top of the ranks for the first time this month are Guangdong Foshan Shunde Industrial Zone, Kunshan German Industrial Park, Yangshan Free Trade Port Area, Qingdao High Tech Industrial Development Zone, Chengdu Tianfu Software Park, Jiangsu Xishan Economic Development Zone, Changzhou Hitech Industrial Development Zone, Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone, and Nordic Industrial Park.

Among these rapidly rising developments many of them are located in emerging cities whose governments have made strong commitments to attracting investment, or are in locations where they are poised to benefit from rising land and labour costs in more developed destinations in first-tier cities such as Shanghai or Guangzhou.

The detailed rankings are provided below including the zone’s rank this month, the rank last month and the total number of pageviews received. Among them, the top 20 parks on RightSite received a total of more than 4000 pageviews during the month of September.

Zone or Park
Suzhou Industrial Park

Suzhou Industrial Park

One of China’s best known and earliest industrial parks, SIP remains at the top of the ranks for the second month in a row.


Last Month: 1
Shanghai Lingang New City

Shanghai Lingang New City

As one of the priority projects of the Shanghai government, development in Lingang is attracting large investments (and big web traffic).


Last Month: 3
Guangdong Foshan Shunde Industrial Zone

Guangdong Foshan Shunde Industrial Zone

This top ranked zone in southern China encourages a broad range of industries, including intelligent electric appliances, telecommunication, biomedical, fine chemicals, and new materials.


Last Month: 43
Suzhou National New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone

Suzhou National New & Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone

Suzhou scores two entries in the top five this month with this zone, which is also known as Suzhou New District, moving up from #6 to #4.


Last Month: 6

Shanghai Waigaoqiao Bonded Logistics Zone

The highest ranking logistics zone in our survey comes with one of the best locations in Shanghai, next to busy Waigaoqiao port.


Last Month: 11
Kunshan German Industrial Park

Kunshan German Industrial Park

Increasing German investment in Kunshan may be turning this emerging city from a “Little Taipei” into a “Little Frankfurt.”


Last Month: 31
China Singapore Sutong Science & Technology Park

China Singapore Sutong Science & Technology Park

This new project benefits from its relationships with two established parks, SIP and NETDA, as well as the increasing desirability of its Nantong location.


Last Month: 4
Dalian Software Park

Dalian Software Park

Perhaps China’s best known software park, DLSP has become a centre for both high tech and BPO operations.


Last Month: 10
Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone

Shanghai Jiading Industrial Zone

With no Geely announcements in September, Jiading Industrial Zone drops from its #2 position of last month. However, Jiading continues to be a leading investment destination in Shanghai.


Last Month: 2

Yangshan Free Trade Port Area

Adjacent to Shanghai’s Lingang area, this major port project is starting to catch investor interest.


Last Month: 25
Qingdao National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone

Qingdao National High-Tech Industrial Development Zone

Although still best known for its beer, Qingdao is increasingly catching on as an industrial investment destination.


Last Month: 29
Shanghai International Medical Zone

Shanghai International Medical Zone

As the only dedicated industrial destination for the biomedical sector in Shanghai, SIMZ continues to benefit from strong investor interest.


Last Month: 9
Chengdu Tianfu Software Park

Chengdu Tianfu Software Park

With incentives to help rebuild earthquake ravaged Sichuan, affordable engineering talent and aggressive marketing Tianfu has become a top software industry destination.


Last Month: 21
Jiaxing Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry Park

Jiaxing Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Industry Park

Seizing upon environmentally friendly industries and development as a selling point, Jiaxing CECIC continues to bring investors to this northern Zhejiang city.


Last Month: 15
Jiangsu Xishan Economic Development Zone

Jiangsu Xishan Economic Development Zone

The development of China’s high speed rail system has made Wuxi a more attractive destination for many industries which would earlier have stayed in Shanghai or Suzhou.


Last Month: 28
Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone

Shanghai Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone

With two entries in the top 20, Waigaoqiao continues to attract investor interest, but is faced with shortages of land for some industries.


Last Month: 16
Changzhou National Hi-Tech District

Changzhou National Hi-Tech District

With a major investment event at the end of September, Changzhou’s only national-level industrial zone received many more visitors than in August.


Last Month: 26

Shenzhen Futian Free Trade Zone

The largest of Shenzhen’s free trade zones, Futian benefits from its direct connections to Hong Kong.


Last Month: 37
Hangzhou Economic & Technological Development Zone

Hangzhou Economic & Technological Development Zone

This national level zone benefits from being in one of China’s most powerful emerging cities and is host to Singapore-Hangzhou Science and Technological Park.


Last Month: 13
Nordic Industrial Park

Nordic Industrial Park

This privately invested and managed park distinguishes itself through its service and international grade facilities.


Last Month: 22

About the Survey

The Power Rankings survey, which was based on analysis of RightSite’s online traffic through a third-party service provided by Google, measured which industrial zones were most sought out and viewed on RightSite from September 1st to September 30th, 2010, by measuring the number of unique pageviews of the listings for each park. The survey included listings for industrial parks, high tech parks, logistics parks and economic development zones of all types from throughout China.

The RightSite Industrial Power Rankings are conducted monthly.

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