Value added and multimedia services in Poland 2012, Development forecasts for 2012-2016 provides readers with the newest data and sharpest analysis of business conditions and opportunities in the areas of mobile internet, fixed line and mobile telephony and pay TV and video services. It covers the market in terms of existing and projected structure and value, with an eye to the future as the markets in Poland and around the world focus more on multimedia and value added services and less on voice service.

This report defines the value of the market, describes its rise using historical data, and focuses on the value of specific services such as music, games, SMS payments, mobile internet, graphics and applications, and mobile and community marketing. It covers smart phone usage as well as traditional computer-based services, and reveals revenues attached to each. Polish pay TV is examined in detail in terms of value, featuring the potential of high growth segments such as digital cable, IPTV and digital platforms moving forward.

Revenues for premium and reduced rate services in the field of fixed line telephony are given, along with potential for the expansion of value added services within this segment. But as mobile telephony is the growth centre of this industry in Poland and much of today’s world, this report focuses on coverage of the structural mix created by the variety of services available and soon to enter the marketplace, and the major players intent on bringing new services to market.

In addition to detailed profiles of the market’s top service providers, Value added and multimedia services in Poland 2012, Development forecasts for 2012-2016 provides all the data and analysis professionals need to begin, expand or alter their operations and position their companies for success in the years ahead.

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