Poland’s railway construction sector poised for growth


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The rising value of the railway construction sector in Poland has attracted interest, especially looking forward from 2012 to the end of the decade. Private/public partnerships have been established to take on the modernisation of much of the country’s railroad tracks, railway stations and other infrastructure. In order to keep clients informed of rising values and new sources of financing and funding, PMR’s market experts have created Railway construction sector in Poland 2012, Development forecasts for 2012-2014, a comprehensive new resource for industry professionals.

This report depicts the current value and status of the Polish railway market, including its main segments such as track and railway investment, stations and ERTMS. It examines the factors that will affect development over the next two years such as macroeconomics, local government activity and the expenses incurred by PKP PLK (Polish Railway Lines) and Fundusz Kolejowy.

“Thanks to EU funds for the development of railway transport, for the first time in twenty years Poland has a realistic chance to improve the state of railway infrastructure. Railway contracts signed within the financial perspective 2007-2013 are frequently worth several hundred million zloty, considerably boosting the growth of the railway industry. However, it will truly rise in 2014-2020, the years of the next EU perspective.”

In order to locate and capitalize on new construction sector opportunities as they arise, you need direct access to the latest news, sharpest analysis, most reliable statistics and knowledgeable forecasting available. Read Railway construction sector in Poland 2012, Development forecasts for 2012-2014 today, and refer to this new report from PMR on a regular basis as you monitor market expansion and contemplate new business strategies.

With an eye toward the future of the Polish railway construction sector, this new report forecasts the future value of the market (including SWOT analysis) and takes into account factors such as changes in the regulatory environment; compares and analyzes larger planned projects; and forecasts activity until the end of the decade. It includes figures on kilometers of railway line set for renovation by 2015, along with specific railway stations and price changes for construction materials expected to occur in the future.

Integral to the document are detailed profiles of the top ten contracting companies at work in the industry, with specifics on earnings, financial status and recently acquired contracts. The report also evaluates the status of funding in anticipation of EU sources set to expire if not utilised by 2013.

While preparing Railway construction sector in Poland 2012, Development forecasts for 2012-2014, PMR’s expert analysts have thoroughly researched all salient aspects of the market, consulted their most reliable sources and answered readers’ questions with regard to both the current status and future progression of this dynamic construction sector.

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