Mega-Treehouse is an Entire Apartment Building


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Whoever designed this delightful apartment complex in Turin, Italy, really must have loved building tree houses in their backyard as a kid. The housing development features a bold, tree-heavy design that turns the typical urban jungle into a unique-looking urban forest.

Called “25 Verde,” the site includes 150 mature trees, plus another 40 in the courtyard, and a roof garden on the building’s top floor. According to 25 Verde’s website, the trees aren’t there just for decoration: they clean the air of pollutants, muffle the city street noise, and help keep the apartments cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

The 63-unit complex is designed to be as close to a living, breathing forest as possible. It even harvests rainwater to irrigate the trees.

Designed by Italian architect Luciano Pia, 25 Verde aims to “combine architectural innovation, environmental quality, and energy performance.” It’s described as “the houses children dream of.” It’s also the dream of anyone who wants to live in an environmentally-friendly forest environment without sacrificing the comforts and conveniences of the city.

No doubt about it, this Italian complex takes the notion of “green living” to crazy new heights. Here’s a look inside this tree-lovers paradise.

© Beppe Giardino

One Big Urban Forest

The 63-unit apartment building takes up an entire block.

One of the biggest tree houses you’ll ever see…

The apartments in the five-story building have terraces that are dotted with 150 trees in all.

A Natural 24/7 Air Purification System

25 Verde’s designers say during the day, the trees produce 150,000 liters of oxygen per hour while absorbing 200,000 liters of carbon dioxide per hour at night.

The Shrub of Turin

All the plants were selected from local species to, according to architecture, “ensure a variety of foliage, booming and color.”

Who’s the poor person who has to rake all those leaves?

No evergreens here: 25 Verde’s plants and trees are deciduous, so they lose their leaves each fall.

A Natural AC/Heating System

The plants’ seasonal changes allow them to keep the complex cool in the summer by blocking the sun’s rays and warm in the winter by letting in sunlight.

Sirens, Car Alarms and Loud Music. Not a Problem.

It’s not just air pollution this tree-lined complex guards against. The trees serve as a natural muffler against noise pollution.

Bringing the Outdoors Indoors, and Vice-Versa

The whole theme is designed to, according to, dampen the “transition from inside to outside.” With all that lush greenery right outside their doors, we wonder if 25 Verde’s residents feel the need to keep plants inside their apartments as well.

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