After a brief period of suspension, 2011 witnessed the return of clinical drug and therapy trials to the Polish marketplace. Improving economic conditions coaxed international and domestic CROs and companies back to the stable market environment that has been among the most popular among Central European countries in recent years.

Changes in regulatory procedure, such as those enacted to govern the Office for Registration of Medicinal Products, Medical Devices and Biocides and the country wide Reimbursement Act have affected these 2011 trials, and the upcoming expiration of several longtime regulations and the enactment of a new law currently being written stand to influence market conditions still further.

PMR has prepared a new market guide, Clinical trials in Poland 2012, Development forecasts for 2012-2014, to provide professionals with the most perceptive analysis of the facts and data available for this continually evolving industry.

“One of the most attractive markets in Central and Eastern Europe is that of Clinical Trials in Poland. In only one country, much larger Russia, are more new clinical trials planned and conducted. The Polish market attracts many sponsors primarily because it is both mature and secure, providing a predictable environment, especially in terms of early phases of clinical trials. On the other hand, administrative and legal barriers can be troublesome. Our report analyses various aspects of clinical trials in Poland, both positive and negative. It also contains useful tips and forecasts concerning the climate for trials over the next three years, enabling client companies to plan their R&D strategies as effectively as possible.”

In order to locate and capitalize on new opportunities, you need direct access to the latest news, sharpest analysis, most reliable statistics and knowledgeable trends forecasting available. Read Clinical trials in Poland 2012, Development forecasts for 2012-2014 today, and refer to this new report from PMR on a regular basis as you monitor market expansion and contemplate new business strategies.

It includes a wealth of statistical data, from figures on market size in terms of number of trials to total numbers of participating patients. Trends and conditions, both existing and forecast, are described and evaluated along with their influences on the conduct of clinical trials. Actual trial profiles according to phase and therapeutic category for both domestic and international companies give readers an idea of the makeup of the industry and indicate developmental direction for the years ahead.

The report examines the industry’s major players by providing a broad scope of information (including financial) on the top CROs, and a special chapter chronicling current research projects and plans and strategies for market success moving forward. It features an Excel database of CROs and the results of a unique survey of the market viewpoints of representatives of top companies, and solid forecasts for the total number of trials, patients, and overall market value for 2012-14.

While preparing Clinical trials in Poland 2012, Development forecasts for 2012-2014 , PMR’s expert analysts have consulted their most reliable sources and created a truly unique market guide that deals with the complexities intrinsic to both the current status and future progression of this dynamic marketplace.

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