Key to successful property investment – Know where to spend


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Investment in property is one of the most lucrative investments that individuals and corporate can opt for. The returns one stands to gain from investing in property outweigh those from other investment options such as treasury bonds and stocks. However, it should be noted that property investment is just as rewarding as it is risky. You stand to lose your hard-earned cash if you invest in property without the right information. The property investment market is very fragile and you will need to do proper due diligence before investing in this sector. You also need to know where to spend. Failure to do so could see you put your money in unresponsive markets with very little returns. To make it easy for individuals to invest in property and enjoy the best returns, we have come up with this piece that tackles the issue of where to spend and how to unearth the best opportunities for property investment.

  1. Do your research.

This is the first and most important step in property investment. Carry out an extensive research on the property you intend to buy and the market you intend to invest in. Talk to experts and government officials in the market you are planning to invest. Talk to the locals as well when doing your market research. Most people tend to ignore the locals when they are researching on property investments. The one thing they fail to realize though it is the locals who will be able to tell you the naked truth about a region and this will help you determine whether it makes financial sense to invest in that region or not. Property usually exists in a cycle and it is through your research that you will be able to determine which stage of the cycle the property market is. You should ideally buy property when the market is low so as to avoid paying through the nose for the property. You will not be able to do that if you don’t carry out an intensive research on the markets you intend to invest in.

  1. Foreign property investments.

Your nationality should not limit your property investment options. The lucrative investments markets in your home country may have been exhausted and rather than settling for the less lucrative markets, you’d be wise to first check foreign property investments opportunities. Foreign property markets could be experiencing an upsurge in fortunes for whatever reasons and this could provide you with the perfect opportunity to venture into the property industry. Check with your trade department to see what investments opportunities exist in foreign markets and how they can assist you to venture into those markets.

  1. Infrastructure projects make properties attractive.

Infrastructure projects have a way of improving the value of properties irrespective of the region or country one chooses to invest. Infrastructure projects such as roads and rail make property items accessible and this is what makes them valuable. Anyone looking to invest in property should, therefore, invest in an area that can be easily accessed by road or rail.

  1. Redevelopment is a good option with great returns.

Rather than going for a fully developed and modern establishment, you can choose to buy a structure that is partly built or damage and redevelop it. You will acquire these structures cheaply and you can add to their value through redevelopment and modernization. When you settle for the redevelopment route, you shouldn’t underestimate the cost and the time that you will need to upgrade the structures. You should also make arrangements to acquire the necessary permits if you are investing in a foreign country.

  1. Determine all development costs and fees prior to investments.

Before you begin your investment, you need to determine all the fees that you will have to pay to the local government to facilitate the transfer. The fees vary from one country to the next so when you are buying properties for sale in Turkey, you will have to head to the relevant government agencies to figure out how much you will pay as fees. Different states within the same country may also charge different fees for property investments and this call for proper research prior to investment.

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