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The typical financial puzzle is centered on balancing risks and returns. Nowadays, most investment types are volatile and interest rates are incredibly reduced. There are risks involved in the business environment, no matter what sort of investment you’re about to engage in. Considering that the costs of living are rising, investing in something that yields results to remain financially stable is imperative. A fruitful investment may seem like a risky investment, yet the more you risk the highest chances you have to witness high returns. Here are some investment ideas to help you get maximum value of your money.

Money Market Funds

Money market funds are mutual funds whose purpose is to preserve your investment’s value and not lose a dime. What’s great about this type of investment is that it pays interest – the fund’s goal is to uphold a NAV (net asset value) or $1/share.  Although money market funds are not infallible, they have the means to protect the underlying value of your money. The NAV may drop below $1/share, but that’s very rare.


Not many people choose to invest in annuities, and that’s mainly because they have a dire reputation. There have been many unscrupulous investors who offered annuities to people who couldn’t afford to take risks. The good news is annuities are not that scary, and they can even out your portfolio over an extended period of time. It’s really important to deal with a reliable financial advisor first, because they can be multifaceted instruments, with lots of tricky aspects.

There are various types of annuities available; purchasing an annuity means that you’re bargaining with an insurance company that takes a particular sum of cash and in exchange it gives you a guaranteed return. The return can be flat or flexible, and in some other circumstances, it can be dictated by the stock market. Risk is reduced if you opt for the guaranteed return.

Rental Properties

Most Americans are experts at evaluating property, especially rentals. Therefore, it can be considered a safe, logical investment. Nevertheless, rental properties are not meant for everyone, as you may be required to make some really tough calls. Bad tenants are everywhere; they do a lot of damage and they fail to pay their rent on time. Investors should be willing to take legal action in case something like this happens.

Fine wine

Investing in fine wine is an extremely delicate type of investment. Nonetheless, it can bring substantial returns. Before getting started, make sure you know at least some basic information about the wine market. Check blogs and official websites (e.g. Liv-ex), and sense the market from an objective perspective. Start slow and purchase wines with a proven track record. First growths Bordeaux for example, are an excellent choice.

Wine connoisseurs may choose to invest en primeur. This is risky because you’ll be spending money on wine that has not yet been bottled; still, with a bit of luck you can witness unbelievable profits. An investment in wine can be extremely profitable; it’s all about making the right choices.

CD (Certificates of Deposit)

Even though certificates of deposit (CD) may be seen as trivial investment types, they’re both profitable and safe. Basically, with a CD you trade your own money. You give it to a financial institution (e.g. bank) in favor of an interest, for a specific period of time. Some banks pay up to 1.5% interest, which can add up if your initial investment is substantial. You can always make an early withdraw, however, be ready to pay some penalties.

Many people choose to invest after retirement. Their kids are old enough to manage on their own, so nothing can stop them from taking a small risk in order to double their income. The problem is, very few know how to choose; bad decisions are at the core of every investment type. If you’re not a skilled investor and you don’t know the market, it’s best to consult a specialist. A reliable financial advisor will help you get started.

Stick to low-risk investments in the beginning, accumulate experience, and as you start to understand the market, feel free to take higher risks in order to witness great returns on your initial investment.


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