How Much Does the Average Sports Fan Spend Annually?


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By Sarah,  Allpro Sports

About the Photo: Dennis Huspeni | Denver Business Journal – Merchandise at the Focus Sports Super Bowl pop-up store at 1600 California St., Denver. Consumers will spend an average of $68.27 on Super Bowl related expenses like food and team apparel, according to the NRF.

In theory, being a sports fan could be a great way to have cheap, or even free, entertainment. However, this is not often the case, as sports fans continue to spend more and more money on their hobby. Hardcore fans often spend thousands of dollars a year on their sports, sometimes without even realizing it. Here are some of the major expenses that come along with being a sports fan.


Tickets to major games in your area are essential. But these tickets can cost hundreds of dollars for the best seats in the house. Even a season ticket is a large expense over the course of several games. Tickets are one of the biggest expenses for sports fans, but they are not at all the last stop to the ATM. Sports fans can try and cut down on this expense by purchasing season tickets well in advance or by choosing only a few games to go to.

Travel and Parking

When the stadium isn’t nearby, travel costs can become a large part of the budget. Even with carpooling, traveling to another city can easily cost $25 per person. When you factor in parking near the stadium, the price can double. Sports stadiums know that parking is an easy way to get another large chunk of money out of patrons, so the parking near sports stadiums often packs a large punch to the wallet. Some people opt to remove this expense by walking from a further distance to the stadium and finding cheaper parking.


Many sporting events wouldn’t be complete without a few beers. In the stadium, these beers can easily be $7 a piece. But even if you are watching the game at a different venue, such as a bar or a tailgate, the eating and drinking that accompanies these events can add up over time. Many sports fans don’t realize how much extra beer they consume as a result of their sports events, and how much extra money they spend as a result of this drinking.


Merchandise is another one of the big expenses that come with being a sports fan. Of course it’s important to show support for your favorite team through jerseys, hats, and other memorabilia, but these items can be quite expensive. Especially when new designs come out, or players leave your favorite team, the costs of replacing the jerseys and hats can be another expense that keeps coming over the years.


This expense doesn’t apply to everyone, but many people do bet on their favorite sports teams. For the lucky few, this last category could actually be a way to make up for the spending in other categories. But for many, lost bets are what makes their sports hobby the most expensive. However, betting doesn’t have to be such a terrible loss if the bets are kept at a moderate and fun amount.

It is possible to be a frugal sports fan. These people would purchase one jersey and stick with it throughout the seasons. They would cut down on their beer spending when they go out to a sporting event. They would choose wisely which games they went to, and be sure to try and cut costs by carpooling and bringing their own food and drink to eat before the game. However, part of the fun of a sports game is the things you can do to relax and have a good time. These extra items make sporting a more expensive event, but they also make it more fun. For this reason, many sports fans find the money that they spend on their teams highly worth it.

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