How Banner Advertising Can Build Your Business


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When it comes to promoting or drawing attention to what your business has to offer there are few methods which do it as effectively as a roller banner. If your target audience is in your local community – a banner clearly says what your business has to offer.

It may be promoting a special offer, announcing a new product, or even simply brand building and raising awareness for your business. A roller banner will deliver your message loud and clear.

Banners come in various shapes and sizes and styles such as roll up banners, pop up banners, pull up banners and large scale hanging banners for outdoor use. Depending on what you want to say with your banner, a little careful thought about where it will be most effective should lead you towards selecting the right banner for the job.

Banner styles

Large outdoor banners can be incredibly effective if located in a logical place in relation to your business. Positioned roadside or in a pedestrian zone, they can guide customers towards your business. Get the size, design and colours right and it will stand out and attract a good deal of attention.

Smaller pop up, roll up, and pull up banners are ideal for counter top display purposes, so they work well within retail premises or a café or hairdressing salon, for example, and can unobtrusively let your customers know of any special discounts, promotions, loyalty schemes or anything you want to draw their attention to.

The importance of colour

After size, colour is possibly the next most important consideration when designing a banner. But before deciding on the colour scheme of your banner you need to have an idea of where it will be located. Why is this critical? Because, for example, if your corporate colors are dark green with a white logo, when placed on a large outdoor banner located in an area which is predominantly green, for example, next to a park or in front of tall bushes, it will not have the same effect as if you simply switch your colours and make the background white and your logo green – this will stand out much more.

The same applies to internally displayed banners – take into account the background or other structures in front of which the banner is intended to be displayed. And make sure to design in a good contrast so that the banner ‘pops’ out at customers rather than blending in with the background.

Attention grabbing headline

Base your banner content around a hard hitting headline – one that really gets attention – and make it big and bold. Also, include a clear call to action to prompt anyone reading it to take the next step, which should be to engage with your business in some way, either through asking for information, visiting or calling – which then gives you the chance to interact in a positive way and develop a relationship with the person.

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