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Creating a Limited Partnership is a very important step in your business. Maybe now that the year starts is the right time. You cannot and should not leave anything to chance. We show you the step by step how to do it in your startup.


Starting and launching the pool is usually the most complicated decision. Sometimes it is taken precipitously, which can help us pull forward and thereby achieve to realize our idea or cause you not prepare things properly. On other occasions, the most frequent, precipitate causes failures that you will then have to find a way to resolve and see if they do not ruin the given step.

How to avoid this? Taking into account certain elements with which you must count before starting to set up a business, because its simple elaboration or processes will help you to convince you of the success of the idea or that it is not worth it and you must look for an alternative.

The first is to develop the business plan, the business plan to analyze the business and will have its executive summary to be presented to third parties who are interested in the idea or business.

The second is to have the support of third parties, being very useful business incubators, since they can provide you with this complement in areas that you do not control and that allow you to have a more complete vision and analysis of the business and the sector.

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But above all, you should not put barriers to yourself. It is not positive to have self-careers , the present and the past of the enterprise is different and at present the only barriers are those that you put, because everything else has alternatives and if there is no alternative to some question, Because it sure is a good business!

Business model

In Startups, the chosen business model is essential.

There are different options, such as lean startup, but the essential part for a successful business model is that they create value for customers, that are a product that customers need. But, if no one needs that product or service, who are you going to? Who’s going to buy it for you?

Analyzing the business model through very visual and interesting techniques like Business Model Canvas or Value Proposition from Oster alder are very important steps to help you clarify your ideas and know which way to go.

In the business model, another aspect of great relevance and that is usually critical is the economic aspect. It is therefore necessary to analyze expenditures, follow advice to reduce those unnecessary or excessive expenses, reduce costs and know how and how to distribute dividends in case you make a profit.

For everything related to the financial you will be very useful to take a look at your business operating account and cash flow analysis , which seem complicated, technical and unnecessary, but which are actually simple and useful.

Helps you manage your business

Marketing and sales

Marketing and sales are one of the essential elements of a company, especially in its beginnings, since it has to be made known.

To do this, you must prepare a sales plan about your business and improve it while developing your own business.

In addition, you should follow strategies to get customers to talk about you, since word of mouth is the most effective way to get loyal customers. People rely more on what their partner, brother or neighbor tells you than what you can tell in an advertising brochure.

All this must be done by controlling, also in this aspect of marketing and sales, certain basic metrics that will help you continue with the same sales plan or see what changes you need to make in it.

Although you believe that you are the best commercial in the world, especially selling your own products or services, you can always improve. For this reason, it analyzes if it follows all the steps for a commercial visit to be effective and values ​​how to incorporate those that do not conform to the recommended thing.

Finally, and as an essential element, sets sales targets. Objectives that is not very small or unattainable, but that you can measure and analyze periodically.


If you need financing, keep in mind that in addition to the classic alternatives to go to a bank to apply for a loan there are more and more alternatives and increasingly interesting in the market, especially given the complexity of being granted a traditional loan in the situation Which has been experienced in recent years.

You can go to ENISA loans or go to financing routes like Business Angels, so you need to know how you can convince an investor of this type and also present the tax advantages they have if they bet on your entrepreneurial business instead of Focus their investments on other types of assets such as real estate or financial.

In the event that you get an investor, you will need to make a good agreement of partners to regulate everything that can happen throughout the development of the business, the implications and risks that the capital increase that you must carry out in the company for the input of the inverter and correctly calculate the emission premium. Surely he has experts who advise you and you cannot afford such services, but for this you must review these elements yourself so that they do not deceive you or feel cheated.


For a business, especially at the beginning, to be successful there is a characteristic that is necessary in it, because otherwise it will not advance at the right pace and can lead to failure: productivity.

To measure and analyze productivity you must know terms related to the same as the GTD or SCRUM. They seem strange things, but in any case they are useful so it costs you nothing to take a look and see how they can help you.

Of course, to be productive it is necessary to be organized and organize and classify correctly the tasks to perform, for which you will be very useful to carry out the Kanban method for the optimization of tasks.

Finally, and although you can see it as something too professional for you, it is positive to know the PMP (Project Management Professional) and see what room you have in your business.

Thread Tools

When it comes to managing your business, you will inevitably need help. You just will not be able to control every day issues that you have to look at and that you have to carry out. Therefore, and although the help of fellow travelers is always positive, there are tasks that you can commission help tools that do them for you and only have to be in charge of configuring and supervising them, but you do not have to be creating the models, elements and Repeating the same thing every month if it is routine.

In what tasks can these tools help me? Well in matters as necessary as billing, in which will be your ally and will take away from complications for a small fee or social networks where will save you a lot of time by just taking the time to give you the indications on what contents or links publish.

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