Darren Keane, CEO of storm International


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Most of the people must have heard about Darren Keane as a successful businessman. He is a professional footballer and the CEO of the Storm International. For those who don’t know Storm international, it is a global development company that deals in the development of casino industry and entertainment industry. The company owns many world class casinos all around the world. The company also schedules many type of entertainment and gaming events all around the world and successfully executes it. The company provides high class services to its customers and clients. Darren Keane Storm International is the main executor of all such events. Recently, the annual meeting of the company was held and the CEO itself has announced that the company has made the growth by 12% which was 7% more than last time.

Planning of the company

The storm International is working on various projects which are located in Germany, Mexico, Romania, Byelorussia, Armenia and Georgia. The company has recently opened the Shangri La Casino in Tbilisi, Georgia followed by Shalimar slots which were opened in Bucharest, Romania, Byelorussia, and Minsk. The company is also extending storm casinos at 2 locations in Germany. The CEO itself, Darren Keane has announced that the company is planning to make an investment in Ukraine if the government of the country allows and provides the company with better legislation, licensing, and tax rates to initiate the development and construction process. The company is in the touch of Ukrainian government and it seems like that the government is also supporting the company for making development in the Ukraine. Recently the company has opened a five star hotel and VIP Casino in Yerevan, Armenia. The hotel was named as “Shangri La X.O” and the casino is located inside the hotel. The casino is equipped with all the latest gaming machines and modern amenities that you may need.

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